Monday, February 1, 2010

One More Day!!!

This is what came to my door today.

And each of the kids got a balloon bouquet tied to a bag of Hershey's Kisses. Thank you Lord for the man you blessed me with!

The funny thing is that they were all supposed to be delivered Friday after he left on Thursday. The cards all said. See you soon. Love, Daddy (or Lance for me!) But because of the weather, today is the first day they could get them to me. It was good though. It amped up the excitement about Lance coming home tomorrow! Woo Hoo!!

Lance called me this morning at 7:40 to tell me they were heading back to Dominican Republic. He forgot about the time change. It was 9:40 DR time and he said it felt like noon because he'd been up so long.

He hasn't said much about his feelings or emotions this past week. I'm sure that will come when he gets home. As a doctor, he has learned to disassociate from the sadness that comes with the job. It is a defense mechanism that he has to have or he couldn't do his job. But he comes home and then he allows himself to feel the emotion. He is such a tenderhearted and caring doctor. He's going to be processing the past few days for weeks to come.

They made it safely through all the checkpoints along the road. The government was much more strict as of yesterday because there were several church members arrested yesterday at the border trying to take dozens of children out of the country. I can't even get started on that. I'm so angry. I totally understand their intentions. Anyone with a heart would want to take as many children as they can to a better life, but some of the children still had parents. And they didn't have any paperwork for the children. They were basically trafficking children. Albeit with noble intentions. All it did was make adopting Haitian children that much harder.

All that to say, Lance and the team made it to Santo Domingo in about 7-8 hours. Not bad.

Tonight my friend Leslie called and asked me if the kids and I wanted to go to dinner. Her husband is our friend John who is with Lance. We took all of our kids to IHOP. The kids loved pancakes for dinner! And then some sweet, sweet friends of our treated us to some really good ice cream!! Jimmy and Dawn own several Cold Stone Creamery's. They live in Branson, but own the one in Rogers. Dawn had offered us some ice cream this week to give us a distraction, but with the weather the way it has been, tonight was the first time we could take her up on it. Dawn, I know you're reading this. I love you!!

So this is my last night alone without my best friend. I cannot wait to feel his arms again!


  1. Love you right back.

    So glad you finally got to go. And love that Lance sent flowers. How thoughtful. Today is TUESDAY! Hooray for Tuesday!

  2. I love how God hangs onto those hugs and gives them to us just when we need them most. Happy to hear that you and the kids were able to have some fun with frineds and enjoy some pancakes and icecream.

    God has provided for this team and their families in such a mighty way. I love Him so much, He is so amazing.

    Enjoy your time with Lance tonight. I know that he will be elated to be home with his best friend too. I pray that God will make the time stretch so that each of you can enjoy having him home.

    You are a beautiful family and we love you guys so much. We will continue to pary for your family as each of you transition and process these past few weeks. {Hugs}

  3. heey!!! im a friend of kellys (we go to church together!) AND i've taken my kiddo to see your hubs a few times :) anyways, just wanted to say thanks to lance for what he and the others are doing! i couldnt imagine being in a place like that, seeing their darkest times. im sure it's been hard for you and your kids-but hearing what your husband is doing is giving you strength! so glad he's had good travel and praying for his safety.