Friday, February 5, 2010

Haiti Day 2

The following is Lance's journal entry on day 2. I am amazed that over 700 people read the blog yesterday. Praise the Lord. He is making the situation known in Haiti!

Port Au Prince Haiti 29 January 2010
Incredible to think we are actually here. It is like a lot of other disasters in that when you see it, it is hard to understand why one house falls and another stands. Much like a tornado in Arkansas. The children today were precious, one looked very much like Hope. Others just wandered around looking at us. When you live in a world where you have little to nothing , it's not a big deal to a child when the little you have disappears. You still play, you still laugh, you still bathe in the same creek, you go back to the same tin shack. They cannot imagine my world and until today, I could not have imagined theirs. It does seem to way heavier on the adults, but still for some of them they are still selling the same produce or trinket on the same street corner only with a little more rubble.

Downtown around the palace is an utter disaster. It is unlivable and those people seem lost. I pray that they may find Christ to guide them home.


  1. Thank you for posting and sharing with us! I am an FNP and have participated in several medical mission trips- none like this, I am sure.

  2. I just found your blog randomly and am so glad I did. Your Haiti posts have been amazing. Thank you for sharing what it has been like to share Christ's love face to face with the Haitians. May God bless your family as you continue to serve him in unique ways.

  3. This is amazing, to be able to walk your husband's journey with him. Blessings!