Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Early Valentine's Day!

My sweet parents had us over tonight with 2 other couples that are some of our closest friends for a Valentine's Dinner. It was wonderful! They served us and Mom had the table formally set all decorated in red. The menu was amazing. Pork loin with cranberry chutney, twice baked potatoes, glazed carrots, green bean bundles, salad, and individual heart shaped strawberry cakes for dessert.

My parents are the best! They wanted all of us to have a nice dinner at no expense and to be able to visit. I am blessed with the birth family that I have. My parents are Godly people and just love people. They are an example of service and getting to know the world around you. They are constantly meeting their neighbors and taking them food and just ministering to those they come in contact with.

I love my Momma and Daddy!


  1. That's pretty awesome, Jennifer. I want to be like that someday!

    (I just typed that and thought, why is that my goal for someday? So scratch that. I want to be thinking of others and what I can do for them all the time too!)