Friday, February 19, 2010

Things That Make Me Smile

Sara had a playdate with a friend from church today. Every time her friend has bring a friend day at her gymnastic place, she asks Sara to come. Sara loves it. Then they go to Chik Fil A for lunch. Hope and Emma and I ran some errands while Sara was at the gym and then we met up with Sara at Chik Fil A.
After lunch, the girls and I headed to PetCo to get some new fish! We've had a fish for a couple years. We've gone through several fish in that time period. Ha! But we the one that we've had the entire time is a sucker fish. He's 7 in long! The only other fish in the tank is Luke's invisible catfish and he stays hidden all the time. We've been telling the girls they could pick our some fish and today was the day. They had so much fun. I smiled the whole time in the store because they were having so much fun looking at all the animals. Here they are enjoying the birds!

After dinner tonight we got the kids bathed, put Emma to bed and then the rest of us piled on the couch to read a book. We've done a few times the past week and we are all loving it. We're reading some of The Magic Treehouse books. I have been the one reading, but tonight we let Luke read. I smiled the entire time! He is amazing! He is 7 1/2 years old; in the 2nd grade and is reading on a 5th grade reading level! He is such a good reader. He reads with inflection and really tells the story.

He's having some problems concentrating on getting his work done at school so his teacher, principle and I came up with the idea of letting him read to some of the younger grades. He is going to his 1st grade teacher's class and reading to her class as a reward for getting his work done. He's doing a great job at it. I'm so proud!!!


  1. We love the Magic Treehouse books too--aren't they great? Good for Luke!

  2. They are great! He's read them for a while, but this is the first I've read of them. I really like them!