Thursday, February 4, 2010

Haiti Day 1

The following is Lance's first entry the night they got to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. It is a letter to me. They left for Port Au Prince the next morning...


It's hard to believe we are here. What a wild January this has been. But knowing that God has called us here, makes it even wilder. I found an old mission statement I wrote for my life when I was in Graduate School, it was comforting to read this, because it feels like I'm doing what it says. I am so grateful for your prayers, as I sat down in the plane today at XNA, my anxiety left me, and I was calm in a way I rarely experience. I knew at that very moment you were praying for me. It seems odd tonight that I am in a Best Western. This room could be in Rogers, AR, to look at it. But tomorrow, the world will be upside down as we move into Port Au Prince. I have a feeling that I may never be the same again, and I am ok with that. To know Him and make Him known, to have the opportunity to be His hands and feet. I am unworthy for sure. I pray for His anointing, not just to heal wounds, but to heal hearts in Him name. I miss the kids already, but I see their faces on every child that I see in the news. I go here because I would want someone to come to them. I go here because Christ came from heaven to a broken world for me.

In His Love,


  1. Beautiful. Simply beautiful.

  2. i am so looking forward to reading these! thanks for sharing with us!!!

  3. This was amazing! I tried to post yesterday but it would not go through! Computers are not my thing sometime. Ha!

    I cannot wait to continue reading these journals.

  4. This made me cry. I love Lance's heart and I can't wait to read more! Thanks for being open to share this!

  5. I found your blog through Kelly's Korner.
    I don't know you, but I am so thankful for you & your husband's compassion. I read this & I'm now in tears. It's such a blessing to know what he did.
    I pray many, many blessings to you & your precious family!

    *Glad he's home safely, too!

  6. I don't know if he told you, but I took a call from some of our patients, a really sweet older couple. She called from Florida to make sure he made it home safe. She wanted him to know that they had prayed for him everyday and were thankful he was home safe.

  7. What an incredible story! Dr. Faddis was the doctor on call when I went into labor in November 2008, and my son unexpectedly had to spend 5 days in the NICU. I was terrified, and I appreciated Dr. Faddis so much during that time. It's incredible to come across this story now and see him in this whole other light! Thanks for sharing.

  8. Hi, Jennifer! So many times I've thought about different people I knew in high school or college, "I wonder what ever happened to so-and-so." I didn't know Lance--excuse me--Dr. Faddis :) that well, but OBU is such a small school even the people that aren't in your tightest circle of friends are like distant cousins.

    It's so neat to see what a great man Lance still is and what a beautiful family he has. Your children are precious and you all seem so happy. Thanks for sharing about Lance and the others' mission to Haiti. So glad he's home safe. So very nice to "meet" you.