Saturday, February 20, 2010

Go USA!!

Lance is on call this weekend, and he's been gone most all day. The kids and I have been at the house making the best of it. We have a clean house (woo hoo!) and we had a great dinner. Lance made it home in time to eat before I had to put it all up. I hate eating without him. Especially when I fix a big dinner. But, oh well. Such is life.

We've been watching the Olympics quite a bit. Luke is really getting into it. Who knew?! Tonight, he made 3 signs for each of the big kids. They had a great time watching speed skating and bobsled tonight. It was hysterical. They were screaming, "USA, USA!!" Then, "AMERICA!" I took some pics. They are with my phone, so they're not great, but you get the idea. :)

Their signs. Luke did them with a pencil, so it's hard to see the writing.

Cheering the bobsled team!

Even Emma got in on the cheering!

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