Monday, March 9, 2009

Faddis Family Theater

Thanks to our good friend Phillip (and Rebecca for coming over under the guise of dessert, knowing it was to have Phillip help us!) for helping up set up our new surround sound system tonight! We bought a new flat screen tv at Thanksgiving and now we have the surround sound system to go with it to truly make it a movie theater experience! Lance can do all that stuff, but Phillip is an IT guy and having him help makes the process go a lot faster and smoother!

The guys doing their thing!

Their daughter, Ashlyn, came with them and the girls LOVE playing with her. She's a little skittish around our kids, God bless her! She's not used to the chaos of all of our kids and bless her heart, she looks at them like they're crazy half the time! It's so cute!
Ashlyn holding Emma while Rebecca tries to keep Hope off of them!

We are excited to have everything set up now and can't wait to have our first movie night! The kids are excited too! Now just to decide what movie to watch!

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