Saturday, March 14, 2009

We Survived!

One Upward Basketball game, 3 birthday parties, and 1 wedding shower later, I'm done with this day! It was fun, but busy. After Luke's ball game, the girls and I went to the birthday parties while Lance and Luke went and looked at guns. (for Lance, not Luke!) Then Lance came and got the girls and I went to a shower for a friend's son. One of the birthday parties was at Gymboree and the girls had a BLAST! I'm toying with the idea of signing the girls up in the fall. They loved it so much.
Tonight, we watched Dancing With the Stars. It is a favorite show in the Faddis house. For Sara especially. While we were watching it, she and Hope went to their room and came out with 2 of their princess gowns and started dancing with the show. It was soooo cute!

They argued over who was the girl and who was the boy!

Notice the TV!


  1. What kind of vitamins do you take, seriously???? ha!
    I am watching DWTS for the first time ever and I might be hooked! :-)

  2. It was so good to see you in WM a few weeks ago. You have a beautiful family!