Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Paddy's Day!

Today was "Lucky Leprechaun Day" at Luke's school. I have made it to all of his parties this year, which is quite a feat as far as I'm concerned! The main problem is always finding someone to watch the girls. Luckily, the party was on a Tuesday this time instead of Friday and Lance was able to come home early to watch them. Luke had fun. They made it a birthday party for everyone in the class, so there was a birthday cake and then we went outside to do sidewalk chalk and bubbles. Luke loved it. Anything different to the norm is always welcome!

Luke with Mrs. Garner
Tonight we had Luke's Upward Basketball Award Celebration. He was excited and very proud to get a new Upward backpack! The ceremony was a little long. (holy cow! it was an hour and a half!) The girls started getting really bored. They managed to keep themselves entertained, though!

Hope doing her "extercises" :)

Sara drawing while Lance reads a hymnal!

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