Thursday, March 12, 2009

Here We Go Again!

So, last night could have been worse. At least Hope stayed in bed all night! Luke came in around 3:00 and said his throat was really hurting. We took his temp and it was 101. After Tylenol, he laid down on the floor of our room. At 4:00, Emma woke up congested having trouble breathing with the paci in her mouth. So she came into our room to sleep with us. While we were getting settled, here came Sara. She and Luke were sleeping together and Emma's crying woke her up. She came looking for Luke. I told her to go on back to bed, but as she was leaving, I called her back and took her temp; 103.7. So after more Tylenol, she laid down on the other side of our bed!

This morning we took a trip to Daddy's office. Wanna guess? Luke and Sara have strep and Emma has an ear infection. Yippee! After tearing up a little in the pharmacy, I've been fine. It's a little overwhelming to think of 3 sick kids and 10 days of antibiotics again, but oh well. We'll get through it. And with regards to yesterday's post. I'm telling you, starting your day in prayer makes all the difference in the world!

On the funnier the kids were watching Mary Poppins. (we watched a lot of movies today!) I was on the computer at the kitchen table. When I looked up, I saw Hope's little hiney shining as she was dancing around the living room floor. When I asked her what in the world she was doing, she said, "but Momma, he's doing it!" while pointing at the tv. I looked at the tv and then died laughing as I told her to pull up her pants. It was the part in the movie where Dick Van Dyke is dancing with the penguins and he special effects pulls his pants down to look like a penguin. It was hilarious!

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