Monday, March 23, 2009

Just the Girls!

My Mom has taken Luke and Sara both to Build a Bear Workshop when they were 2 to get a bear. We have Batbear and Teresabear, and now we have Sarahbear. Today was Hope's turn. Sara and I went along. We had a blast. We went to Build a Bear first and Hope picked out her bear, named it Sarahbear (because "Sarah is a nice name"), picked out an outfit and shoes for it and got a bow for her hair. She loved it. Sara did great about not complaining that she wasn't getting a bear. She did get some new shoes and panties for Teresabear.

Hope making Sarahbear

Then we rode on a new train at the Promenade. The girls LOVED that! The train is new and the guys running it were very nice and it wasn't that expensive. The normal price will be $3 but because they just opened this week they are only charging $2 per person. That's not too much. As a mom of 4, $12 wouldn't be too much for all my kids to have fun for a splurge like that.

Riding the train with Sarahbear

Then we had ice cream at the food court. The girls and Mom and I had so much fun. I told Mom today that this is why I want them to be here. So we can have so many more days like this!

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