Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Funny, Funny Girl!

Hope is the comedian in our family. Even when she not trying to be! Her funny thing lately (which we can't laugh at!) is to call someone "poopie" when she's mad at them. It's absolutely hysterical, but we totally can't laugh and encourage her. I have to turn my head and chuckle before I turn back to get on to her. She did it today to Sara, but it brought back to my mind a few weeks ago when her Daddy was getting on to her.

Lance and the kids were playing in the living room (probably wrestling) and she did something that got her in big trouble and Lance sent her to her room for time out. She started wailing and refused to go. So then he got really stern and she cried as she started walking out of the room. But as she walked past the coffee table, she stopped and turned around and yelled at him, "you're poopie!!" Oh man, was that a mistake. She got a spanking then. After Lance walked her to her room, he walked back into the living room and I told him, "You just got cussed out by a 2 year old!" Once again, hysterical, but just couldn't laugh at her!

1 comment:

  1. Sounds like Hope and Annie went to the same School of Comedy. Only Annie likes to add the word 'head' onto her insult, as in 'Poopie Head'. And since she has had *many* time-outs and spankings for this, she now mutters it under her breath, thinking we're deaf. She is still so stubborn that spankings and time-outs haven't stopped that yet.