Sunday, April 12, 2009

He is Risen!

Late night and early morning! Lance and I were up until midnight last night getting everything ready for Easter Sunday. Then we were up at 6 and got the kids up at 6:45 and were out the door for church by 7:15! We were out the door earlier than we ever even get up around here! (except for Lance, he's up before dawn!) It was a long day at church. I sing in the choir and we sang in all 3 services today. Lance was part of a special team of people in our church who volunteered to be greeters today. Bless his heart, he stood in the pouring rain for almost 3 hours directing traffic. All with a smile!

Dying Easter Eggs Easter Eve :)

The service was awesome! I love being part of the choir and helping lead our services in worship. Our music was amazing and it just allowed me to focus on the meaning of the day. HE IS RISEN!!!! I heard something for the first time this Easter. It was a bit of a sermon preached on Easter and the preacher kept saying It's Friday, but Sunday's coming! Well, Sunday is here and He is not in the grave!!!! Praise Jesus, He arose!
After we left church, we went to Lance's parents' for lunch with the whole family and an Easter egg hunt with the cousins. The kids had so much fun. They love seeing their cousins. When we got home tonight we did the last of the Resurrection Eggs. I think it's the first time we've made it all the way home! If you've never heard of Resurrection Eggs, go to and look in their store. They are a wonderful way to teach your children about Easter. My kids love them!

Hunting Easter Eggs with the cousins!

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  1. The guys in the parking lot yesterday were awesome! I know I appreciated them!! Since Phillip and I had to leave at different times I had to get Ashlyn in and out of the car, in the rain, by myself. I hadn't even turned my car off and there was a man with an umbrella standing by my door waiting to help me. I'm sure Lance was pretty cold and wet, but they made such a difference... I'm sure even more to visitors than us "regulars". Thanks Lance!