Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Literal Pain in the Neck!

Not much to talk about tonight. I have had some pretty severe neck pain for a couple days now. I had to have a babysitter come yesterday and watch the girls for me. I couldn't lift my head. It's happened a couple times in the past. But both of those were right after having Hope and Emma. I have no idea what happened this time. I went for a massage in the afternoon. That helped some. But today, I've pretty much been on the couch again. Thankfully, I'm doing a little better tonight. I'm hoping that tomorrow will be even better. I don't want it to interfere with MDO!!!
Just a quick pic. Luke has been climbing the doorframe leading from the living room to the dining room for a couple years now. He loves to dress up in his spiderman costume and climb up. Well, now Sara can do it! She is so proud of herself. The only problem is she can't get down. It's funny.


And Emma has two more teeth. The funny thing is, they are not the top 2 front teeth. They are the left front tooth and the one beside it. She's going to look funny!!!!


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