Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Here Fishy Fishy!

We went tonight to buy new fish for our fish tank. We've had our tank for over a year now. We started with 2 angel fish and a sucker fish. Our sucker fish is the only thing left now after numerous other little fish. He's about 7 in long so we can't get very big fish. We can't wait to build our new house someday and we will have a BIG fish tank! But for now, we're happy with our 10 gallon tank. The kids had fun at the free zoo that is Petco. They were running wild. Hope was screaming with joy all through the store. Her favorite was the cats up for adoption; Sara loved the birds; and Luke about drove me nuts asking for a hamster. We made it out with 3 fish, one for everyone.

Luke picking out Superfish!
Sara petting a cat

Hope and her Daddy petting a cat

OK, so I can't let this picture go with out talking about this. We have started planning the kids birthday parties. Luke's and Hope's are in a month and a half. Sara's isn't until Nov., but we're going to do a Luau, so we're having to buy the stuff now. Anyway, Luke has picked Spiderman and Hope wants Hello Kitty. Here's the thing, she can't say Kitty. It comes out titty! It's absolutely hysterical. But the funniest thing happened a couple of days ago when she was telling her Daddy about picking her birthday party. He came home from work and she jumped in his lap and said, "Daddy, I'm going to have a Hello Titty party! Do YOU want a Hello Titty party?" I thought I was going to spit my teeth! What makes it ever better is that they share a birthday! It got even funnier when Lance grinned and said, "Why yes, I think I do." He makes me laugh! I had to write this down so I wouldn't forget!

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