Saturday, April 4, 2009

Proud Momma!

Today was a very good day! Lance got up and went to the office early to get a little work done and then went to the grocery store and got some breakfast stuff. He got home and we made a big breakfast for the kids. We then spent the rest of the morning picking up around the house a little and then it was out in the garage. Our garage was in DESPERATE need of attention. Right before Emma was born, my Dad cleaned out our entire garage and cleaned it really good. We bought some new shelves then, but it has cluttered back up something awful since then. We spent all afternoon and evening cleaning it out and it looks awesome now! The kids played outside with sidewalk chalk, the bouncy house, and their scooters while we worked. They had fun and were tired!

We cooked burgers for dinner and then went back outside. We aired Luke's bicycle tires up and we went out to learn how to ride with no training wheels. We tried last summer, but I was huge pregnant and couldn't really help him, so he got frustrated and didn't want to do it anymore. Lance tried to help him once, but he was done. So he never learned. Tonight, we went out to learn how to ride it. He didn't even need my help! He took off and didn't look back. Within 20 minutes he was riding all up and down the street, turning, and going fast! Lance and I were sooooo proud of him! Sara took off on her bike, too and felt like a big girl. Hope had no interest in riding her tricycle. She just wanted to "go on a little walk" with her Daddy! It's been a GREAT day!

Taking off on his own!
A proud Momma and son!

I'm a big girl!

Going on "a little walk"

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