Monday, April 20, 2009

Pareting is Heart Work

I wasn't able to blog this weekend because I had a migraine for 2 days! Arghhh! Saturday was pretty much a wasted day. Sunday was better that morning, but I wish i had felt good all day. We had a parenting conference at church Sunday. It was great information. The people that lead it are from The Center for Biblical Parenting. As a "retired" therapist, I loved how they took behavior modification a step further to getting at the heart of the issue. Not just focusing on our children's behavior, but what is at the heart of the issue and how is my parenting affecting my children's heart. Am I teaching them to just obey because I say so, or am I molding their character by focusing on their heart? Lance and I do a pretty good job, I think, about using Scripture when correcting the kids. And also teaching them that they are to please God and not just obey, but man do I really miss sooooo many opportunities to mold their character because I'm put out or mad and just lose it. We have a long way to go in how we talk to the kids. We are both to demanding and short and loud with the kids. We had a test last night when Sara had a meltdown at bedtime. That is very rare for her. But we both spoke calmly and didn't get down to her level by yelling her. (which is my default response) I have been so convicted about the example that I'm setting for them with how I speak to them sometimes. I pray that I will be sensitive to God and His voice when dealing with my children when they disobey.

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