Thursday, April 30, 2009

Poor Emma

Last night after we went to bed, Emma cried out. I checked on her and gave her a paci. I got back in bed, and in just a minute, she cried out again. That time Lance got up with her. Then I heard him call out for me in the monitor. She had thrown up. We got her cleaned up and put her on a pallet in our room. An hour later, she threw up again. She had a rough night. She's been stuffy for a few days, so I was curious if she maybe choked. Today, she was pretty cranky and that is NOT like her. So on my way home this afternoon, I called Lance and stopped by his office. And bingo! Ear infection. Yea.

We got her started on antibiotics this afternoon. Hopefully, she'll be more herself tomorrow. If so, the girls and I are going garage sale-ing! Some of our neighborhoods are having big ones starting tomorrow, so the girls and I are going to check them out!

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