Friday, April 10, 2009

Sleepover night

I love my sister-in-law! (all of them, but tonight I'm talking about Leah!) :) She called me a couple weeks ago and told me she wanted all three of the big kids to spend the night with them tonight. She had some activities planned for them, so we all went over for dinner and then left the kids making bird houses with Uncle Jeremy and Aunt Leah. The kids have been so excited about tonight. The girls were looking forward to it all day. Luke was excited about it when he arrived. He went to a birthday party first and then he joined the party. I am so blessed to have such great family!

Also, today is Good Friday. I thought a little about the term "Good" Friday today. Why is it called GOOD Friday? Jesus was put to death in the cruelest manner known to man at the time. He was innocent. The very people crying for his death just 1 week earlier were laying palm branches in his path and screaming Hosanna! The black and white part of me just doesn't get that. I cannot fathom how he could just stand there and let it happen.

But, what makes it good? It's good because had Jesus not let it happen, had he not died on the cross, I couldn't get to heaven! Praise His Name! It is a GREAT Friday because he substituted Himself for my sin! Hosanna! Glory to God in the Highest! And thank you!

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