Monday, April 27, 2009

I'm still here!

It has been a very long and busy week. So busy that I haven't blogged since Tues! Wed. was the last night of AWANAS for the year. Sad for the kids, but a little relieved not to have to worry about learning the verses and finding the vests and getting ready for it every Wed. Thursday I was up until 1:00 getting the entire family ready to go camping while I went to Tulsa for the women's retreat with my church. Lance decided he would take the kids camping with some of the other husbands and kids whose wives were gone on the retreat. So I had to wash clothes, pack clothes in the camper, pack food, and pack camping stuff. And I had to get myself ready to go on the retreat and also get camping clothes for me packed in the camper. It's not easy being a mom of 4! Holy cow, that a lot of clothes!

The retreat was GREAT!!! It is awesome to get away with my girlfriends for some retail therapy and to hear a wonderful speaker who challenges me with my walk with the Lord. The funny thing is, I didn't buy anything! Lance couldn't believe it. I just loved walking around a mall without kids! We all had so much fun. Late that night after the speaker, we had a pajama party and pj contest. My roommates and I almost didn't participate, but we pulled together something at the last minute and had fun.

Me and my roomies!

I met up with Lance and the kids Saturday at Devil's Den. He was glad the cavalry arrived! He did good with the kids by himself, but I think he has a deeper appreciation for what I do everyday! :) When I got to the campground, they were nowhere to be found. All the bikes were there, shoes, truck, but no family. So I started getting things ready for dinner and tried to stoke the fire. There were some hot embers still and I blew and blew trying to get it going again and start dinner. I couldn't make it happen. I even prayed that God would help me so I could impress Lance! How silly! When they got back (they had been playing in the creek) I told him I had tried to impress him. He just looked at me and said, "Baby, I am impressed with you and it has nothing to do with fire." That made me feel great! It is good to be missed and appreciated!

We had a great time letting the kids ride their bikes around the campground and playing kickball. Luke played with some college kids and they were really sweet to him. It is something he will remember forever. He is getting so big. I can't believe he is going to be 7 in another month! He's growing up. It was so surreal watching him ride around the campground by himself and play with other kids. He found a little girl that's a year older than him to play with too. The funny thing is that when we met her parents, it turned out Lance went to High School with her dad! I'm just used to our kids being with us and playing together, but to see him becoming his own person is fun, but hard at the same time. Change isn't always easy!

The kids playing games in the camper.

So now, we're home and settling into life again. Ready to get control of the laundry (seriously, am I delusional enough to think that will ever happen!?), clean up the camper and get the kids back in their routine.

Oh, one more thing! Sara changed her first diaper today unassisted! She was so excited! I wish I could have caught the look on her face when I asked her if she would change Emma. I watched and she did great! She was sooooo proud of herself!

She did a really good job!

The proud girl!

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