Friday, June 19, 2009

Fun Night With Friends

We had a great time tonight with some good friends of ours. I have know Wes and Lisa since I was in High School. My Mom and Dad were their Sunday School teachers with they were in the young married class. They have been good friends ever since. When we moved here, we knew that Wes was a pastor here and we went to their church and that church is now our family. So, now that Mom and Dad are here, we all went over for dinner and swimming tonight. It was so much fun! We had great fellowship and the kids had a blast!

I am so proud of Sara. Yesterday was our last day of swim lessons. She has been so leery of putting her face in the water, but yesterday, something clicked. She started swimming underwater! And she is good!

Tonight she swam all over the pool! She swam with me down to the deep end and swam around and swam back and forth all over the shallow end. She actually started getting a little too cocky and swam towards the deep end on her own a couple times! And one time, she was trying to carry Hope and "help" Hope go underwater! It was funny, but a little scary when I saw her doing it! That's something she knows not to try again!

I'm really looking forward to swimming all summer long. She's only going to get better, and Luke actually did his freestyle stroke tonight, and Hope is all over the pool with a noodle under her arms. And she is loving going under the water, too. Considering she wouldn't even get in the pool last year unless she was on my hip! We are making progress!

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