Friday, June 26, 2009

Say Y Y Y Y Yes to a V V VBS!!!!

Well the Boomerang Express has left the station! The kids had a blast! It's been a good week. Sara's and Hope's classes were able to attend the morning assembly everyday this year. I am so glad they did. They experienced the same VBS as Luke, so they felt big. They have been singing the VBS songs together all week. I am so glad that our kids are close in age. It's tough, but so worth it. They really enjoy each other and the same things.

Luke and Sara singing at Family Night

Hope dancing to the songs at Family Night

Luke on stage singing and LOVIN' it!

The girls on the inflatable. Man was it HOT!

The ladies keeping Emma loved on her all week. There are several babies in the nursery that are a little high maintenance, so they all love Emma. She is sooooo laid back! Heck, she has to be! She has no other choice with 3 older siblings! They told me today, when I picked her up, that she was a paci thief today! She has a paci on a clip attached to her at all times, but she would crawl over to the other kids, spit hers out, and reach for theirs to put it in her mouth! They laughed at her! When Luke was her age, he was a cheerio thief at church. He was already walking and no one else was. So he would stop swings and grab cheerios off the trays. Ha!

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