Saturday, June 20, 2009

So Thankful for Great Grandparents

We spent the day visiting with my Grandfather and his wife today. Mom told me last week they were planning on driving over to see them for Father's Day today. So Mom, Dad, Jeremy, Leah, me and the kids went. (Lance had a guilt free day on our land working. He always feels guilty being out there all day while the kids and I are home!)

It was a great visit. Hope went straight to Edna (Granddad's wife) and was stuck like glue to her the rest of the day! Luke was a Granddad's boy today. It was so much fun seeing them enjoy their great-grandparents. They didn't want to leave Granddad and Granny Edna's house! Granddad and Edna have been married for a year. She is the sweetest thing. She has the best sense of humor and is great with kids. She played dominoes with the kids today and they loved it. Granddad got a dog before my Grandmother got sick and eventually died. It is his son. Seriously, he sent out birth announcements when they got him! The kids loved Prince. They had fun petting him, playing tug-o-war with him, and playing fetch. And they have a new kitten outside that they loved holding and carrying around.

It was so special for my kids to make memories today with their Great-Grandparents!

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