Thursday, June 4, 2009

School's Out for Summer!!

Last day of school!!! Woo Hoo! I actually got a little emotional when Luke got home today. It took me by surprise. I can't believe he's a 2nd grader now! That's crazy. The girls and I went up to school today to take his teacher some flowers and the staff a cake to say thanks for the year. Just as we pulled into the parking lot I remembered that Luke told me 3 times yesterday that he wanted to give something to his bus driver. So after we dropped off the goodies at school, I went home and baked some cookies for the bus driver. After nap time, the girls and I headed to the bus stop to surprise Luke and give the bus driver the cookies. The fun thing was, I had a can of silly string and ambushed him as he got off the bus. I was yelling "Happy last day of school!" and the bus driver was laughing and started honking the horn. Luke was thrilled.

Then we went on a walk/bike ride. Luke and Sara rode their bikes and I pushed Hope and Emma in the jogger stroller. We were gone for an hour and probably covered 2 miles! They had so much fun. I was really proud of Sara for making it. And she never complained and had a blast! I'm getting a bike buggy from a friend sometime this week and I can't wait to go on long bike rides this summer. It will be so much fun!

On our walk/ride

After Lance got off work, we went out for dinner to Mad Pizza for an "end of school" celebration dinner.

So here we go with the beginning of summer! I'm excited! I know it will fly by, so I want to make the most of every day! Starting tomorrow. We're going to Chuck E. Cheese's for breakfast!!! Yea!!!

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