Thursday, June 11, 2009

Where does the time go?

So I just looked at the blog and it's been 5 days since I blogged! How did this week get away from me?! We've been busy with swimming lessons. The kids are loving them. I am especially proud of Hope. Last year she would not get in the pool unless she was on my hip. If I wouldn't hold her, she would just sit on the edge and splash her feet. So far, she's hanging on the side and kicking her legs and walking all around the shallow end, and swimming in the deep end with noodles under he arms. Sara is doing the same things and having a blast. Luke is working on his strokes.
There's nothing I can say for this one! Typical Hope!

Do What?

Look Momma!

Luke went to Mad Science camp this week. It's just a day long camp, but he had a blast! It wasn't very expensive at all and he came home with some fun things. We might be having a Mad Science birthday next year!

Bob the Blob!

The kids are all in Luke's room tonight sleeping together. They love to do that. This afternoon, they made blanket forts and they wanted to sleep in them. It's hysterical. Luke is in his tunnel with blankets on either end, Sara is between his chair and toybox and Hope is beside the bed. It's 10 o'clock and I still hear them talking and laughing. I am sooooo blessed to have kids that love each other and love to play together. They love each other so much.

We're going to the Buffalo River to a cabin this weekend with Lance's parents. We are looking forward to it. Hiking, swimming in the river, exploring...we are going to have fun!!

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  1. Christian loves science, and when he was we did the Mad Science party for him when he turned 7 I think. It was pretty cool!

    Have fun at the Buffalo...Caylie just went on Wednesday with our church group...she came home burnt to a crisp, but had fun! :)