Saturday, June 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Luke!

OK, so I'm officially exhausted! I'm so glad this week is over! 3 birthdays + parents moving in + last week of school = really exhausted Momma!
I can't believe my on is 7 years old!!! That's crazy! I can remember every detail about the day he was born. I wonder when I'll start forgetting that? He had a good birthday party. The Spectacular Spiderman. NOT The Amazing Spiderman mind you. There is a difference! I was informed!
The birthday boy and his cake!

Opening presents

We had it at Jeremy and Leah's (bro and sil) clubhouse and pool. We had it there last year, but he wanted it there again this year which was fine by me. No one at our house means not having to pick up before and after the party! The only negative this year was it was cold! Bless his heart; Luke wanted to swim so badly, but he would get so cold and then sit out for a while.

He has been such a sweet boy the past few days. I'm really anticipating summer break. I am implementing some new behavior/reward programs and Luke seems excited about them. I feel like I really lost last summer since I was pregnant and not feeling good and didn't want to be outside in the heat. We're gonna have fun!

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  1. Thanks so much for the sweet blog award! :) Tomorrow I am going to pass it on to the others!

    You sure have had a crazy week!

    Birthdays are fun and sad at the same time aren't they?

    It is so fun to plan them, and see the kids have so much fun, but so sad to realize that they are getting older...hate that part! :(

    Hopefully your schedule will wind down a little bit now, and you can start relaxing with the kids a little bit! :)