Saturday, February 4, 2012

Divide and Conquer

Today was a rare day that our family was split up and we all did different things. I don't mind it every once in a while. :) One of the goals I have for my family is that we live our lives together. I don't want us to all just do our own thing. I want our kids to go to their siblings activities to support each other. And to have their parents at their events and activities to know that we love them.

But with a family as large as ours, that's not always possible. :) Today was one of those days. Lance took Luke and Hope with him to the farm and then to get hay at his parents' house.  Emma and I went to a baby shower and to Wal Mart. I think Sara had the best time of anyone in the family today. Mom took her to Crystal Bridges for an art class. It was four hours long! She had sooooo much fun. That is right up her ally. She loves to draw and write and color.

Ready to go!

Mom took some pictures on her phone while Sara was painting. I was soooo glad she did. I hated not to get to see her doing something she loves, but I love that she and Mom got to share this memory.

I LOVE this picture. The concentration on her face says it all.

This picture cracks me up. Emma ran over to to get in the picture. I couldn't tell her no. :)

 Lance and I haven't gone to Crystal Bridges yet. I can't wait to. It's really going to be such a great thing to have right in our back yard. This was the first children's art class they've done. Mom said it was packed. Sounds like it was a great success. What a great resource for exposing our kids to the arts.

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