Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Snow Day 2012

I didn't have time last night to blog about our snow day. :) It's probably the only one we'll have this year. Which is crazy. Last year we had record, epic snow and this year we got 2 inches. The kids were so disappointed. But it was a great snow! Perfect for snow balls and and snow men.

I have to keep it real before I share the fun stuff. The day started out rocky. The girls went WILD first thing in the morning, destroyed their room, and busted a toy ball that had sparkle liquid of some sort in it on their carpet. It wasn't exactly a shining parenting moment for me. And then I found out that Luke had a project due at school yesterday that he hadn't done and he didn't have his homework with him. I did handle that a little better.

And then last night, it was rocky again trying to finish up Valentine's boxes for school and get everyone in bed. Another parenting fail. But the middle part was joy.

Isn't that how life is day to day? The mess ups overshadowed by the joys? I sure hope my kids remember more of the joys than the mess ups.

Here's a photo snap shot of our snow day...

I love my pancake pen!

I made homemade maple syrup for the first time! Yummy!

Love this crew more than life!

The girls' first snow woman :)

There were bird tracks everywhere. So cool!

Making the biggest snow man ever!

Posing. Ha!

Biggest snow ball EVER!
I didn't get many pics of Luke because he was so busy playing with friends and making a snow fort. :)

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