Friday, February 10, 2012

Happy Birthday Dixon!

Dixon is the son of our good friends Hayes and Sarah Lauren. He turned 5 yesterday. Sarah Lauren always has a shirt made for him with his age on it. Which is the coolest thing. I so wish I had thought to do that for my kids. She hadn't been able to get with anyone to have it made this year, so I told her I'd give it a whirl! I had just talked to a friend who gave me some pointers on applique, and had gotten some material to do the girls some Valentine's shirts. I did Dixon's shirt first and it turned out great!

Hadn't cut the strings yet! :)

And tonight was Dixon's party. Sarah Lauren rented a hotel room at DoubleTree and had a swimming party in the pool. 20 kids! It was so much fun! The only glitch was when Sara puked all over the pool deck. Lovely. She had been in the hot tub and I think she got over heated. I made her sit out for a while and she was fine. She swam the last 20 minutes of the party and then again after everyone left and we went back to down to the pool with the Wades.

She's not in any pictures because 90% of them she was sitting in my lap at the pool. And then she was taking pictures of Dixon opening his presents.

I spent the day today making his cake. (It's hard to see the writing. The water turned out too dark.)

Hope having a blast. She was quite the little fish!

This picture cracks me up!
Luke gave rides to all the little girls. It was so sweet!
The Birthday Boy!

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