Saturday, February 18, 2012

Whirlwind Weekend Trip

We made a quick trip to Little Rock last night and came back tonight. I got a call from one of my dear friends, who was a bridesmaid in our wedding, on Wednesday telling me that her momma, Mrs. May had gone on home to Heaven that night. I was heartbroken for her. I loved Mrs. May. Mary Kay and I spent so much time together in my 20's. And a lot of that time was at her parent's house. And then when Lance and I got together, Mrs. May just welcomed him into the family. And she loved making him buttermilk pies!

I'm going to miss Mrs. May. I hadn't seen her much in recent years. We moved to NWA, Mary Kay moved to Memphis, and then Mom and Dad moved here and we quit going to LR. She came up to NWA a couple years ago to stay with a friend of hers who was sick. She wanted to come see us, but couldn't get away to do it. I wish so badly I'd been able to connect with her then. I'll always wish she could have gotten to know my kids. Love you Mrs. May!

We decided to take the kids with us and make a quick weekend getaway out of the trip. They don't get to stay in a hotel often and we knew they would love it and also the opportunity to swim in the hotel pool! :) We got into town about 9:00. I got the Lance and the kids settled in the room and went over to the Parr's house to see Mary Kay and the family.

This morning we got up for the wonderful Embassy Suites breakfast! While we were eating, we heard the lobby piano. We looked over and this is what we saw...

How many high school senior wrestlers do you see playing the piano???? The kids loved it because he was playing some Adele songs and another song that is on one of the Disney movies that they like. So after we finished eating we went over to tell him how much we enjoyed his playing. He was an amazing young man. I asked him where he was planning on going to college and he said, "OBU" Ha! I gave him a high five and told him that's where Lance and I both went. We talked with him a couple minutes and I told him to keep up the music. What a blessed start to our day!

And I have to share this. Evidently Lance had some trouble getting the kids to sleep last night. They were wired! I understand the excitement of staying in a hotel, and being out of town, but this was out of control. He told me when I got back last night that they wore him out! And then this morning, Sara woke up before Luke and I did. The little girls woke up really early, so Lance had taken them out of the room. When they got back to the room and Luke and I were up, Lance found this on the night stand...

In case you can't read it. "Dear Momma, last night daddy sort of thretened Emma. He said Emma I'm about to put you out in the hall and Luke said but she would get kidnaped. Then daddy said well I don't care at least it would be quit in here."

Hahahahaha!!!! As funny as it was, Sara did earn a talk with her Daddy about it. But I'm still laughing! Oh my.

There is a pen shop in LR that Lance loves so I told him to go on over to it while I took the kids to the pool. We would all enjoy that arrangement the best! :) The kids had a blast swimming. That's 2 times swimming in the last 7 days! One of my favorite things was Hope and Sara trying to teach Emma to swim. It was precious! And she has lost all fear of the water. I forgot to bring her floatie, but it didn't stop her. At one point she jumped off the side with Hope without anyone to catch her!

The kids begged and begged me to get in the hot tub. So 5 minutes before we had to go back up to the room, I let them get in for a few minutes. They LOVED it!

We drove the kids by our old house after we left the hotel. Brought back so many memories. I really wanted to stop and knock on the door and explain who we were and ask if we could look at the house. :) Maybe one day we will.

After the funeral, we headed back home. At dinner time, we stopped at a restaurant that some friends had told me about a long time ago. We'd never even heard of it, but they swore it was great, so we thought we'd give it a try. They were right. :)

The Red Rooster Bistro

Look at this!!!!
And yes, this tastes as good as it looks!

All in all, it was a good weekend. 6 hours of car time with my hubby to talk while the kids watched movies, visiting with a dear friend, watching my kids play, good food, and seeing lots of old friends. The only bad thing was it was a funeral of a sweet, dear woman that made all that happen.


  1. That food does look good. What restaurant is it?

  2. Jenny, it's in Alma right beside McDonald's. I don't know how we'd never seen it before. We're going again on Spring Break when we're camping at Devil's Den. DEFINATELY worth the stop your next trip home. :) And the most expensive thing on the menu is 6.75!