Monday, February 6, 2012

Prayers and Bank Robbers

We had quite the action this evening in Centerton! Some guy robbed one of the banks that's about a mile from our house. He was armed and demanded that the teller give him $8000 or he'd start shooting. Crazy! Hope and Emma were at my parents and Luke and Sara and I were at Tae Kwon Do. When I found out about it I called my parents and told them not to open the door to anyone. The police were going door to door and telling everyone to stay inside. It was a little scary!

Luke was freaked out the most. Bless his heart. He worries about things more than any of the other kids (gets that from his Daddy). He didn't want to even head back to the house after Tae Kwon Do. So when we got home, this is the first thing he did...

He was ready with his barricade. And he wasn't joking! He was serious. He thought it would hide him well! Bless his heart.

And then later in the evening, Emma yelled for me from the bathroom. (I'm seriously putting this in the blog because it was hysterical and I don't want to forget it.) I got in there and she told me she was pooping. (I have to wipe. TMI, I know. Sorry!) So I stayed in there with her and this is what I hear her saying quietly. "Help me, God, help me. Jesus helped us, He died on the cross.) HAHAHA!

Glad to know we're modeling for our kids that you can pray to God at all times!

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