Tuesday, February 28, 2012

What a Day!

It's been a crazy, crazy 24 hours! Some of our best friends took their oldest daughter to Lance yesterday morning and he ended up sending them down to Children's hospital. Their youngest two stayed with us. Yes, for those counting, that's SIX kids! Whew! As another friend said, after taking care of six, when we get number 5 it'll be a breeze! Ha!

Lance had a meeting last night, so I just fixed hot dogs for the kids and then sent all of them off to get pajamas and take showers. Bed time was definately chaotic, but all teeth were brushed and everyone bathed and in bed by 8:15! Woo hoo!!

Then this morning, well, Whew! That's all I can say. 6 kids up, dressed, hair combed, book bags, 3 lunches made (for my kids), pancakes made (thank you, Lance!), medicine taken, and all AT SCHOOL ON TIME! I deserve a medal! Haha!!

Then Emma and I went to Bible Study and after that, my day got crazier. :) I've been having some severe abdominal pain since Saturday. It's been pretty intense. Today, I had had my fill and told Lance something had to be done. So he checked me out and then sent me to one of his partners. Jim didn't like how tender my abdomen was either, so he sent me for a CAT scan! Oh my! My anxiety levels went through the roof.

They were both concerned it was appendicitis. (Which thankfully it's not!) But I started thinking of all that I had to do and how it would get done and how long would I be out of comission. I was stressing a little. :)

I'm so thankful that it's not appendicitis, but now I'm frustrated because I'm hurting and we don't know why. Just praying that it doesn't get any worse and will actually get better tomorrow.

(And our friends are on their way back home. Their daughter is on a treatment regimin and is feeling better. So thankful.)

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