Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Enough With the Sickness Already!

I had planned on not doing anything today except laundry. So Emma and I stayed in pj's all day. She was kinda quiet today and wanted to be right beside me. Which I didn't pay much attention to. She was laying on the couch beside me late in the morning and I felt her head. It felt warm, but I though it was probably because of the flannel pj's. I went ahead and got the thermometer. Yep. 101.

That explained why she was so much quieter than her normal self. I have to admit. I hate when my kids have a fever, but I secretly like it a little because of all the cuddles. :)

I could tell at dinner that her fever was coming back. She started saying she was cold and didn't want to stay in the bath very long which is very unlike her.

This was taken before bedtime...

Bless her heart. I am sooo ready to be over the sickness in the house!

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