Monday, May 10, 2010

2 Readers in the House!

Someone told me a while back about a couple of educational websites that my kids would like. I "wrote" them down in my phone and forgot about them. I found them today and got the kids on them. One is It teaches letters all the way up to actual reading depending on age. I started Sara on it and within 10 minutes, she was reading!!!! She was so proud of herself. (and her Momma was pretty proud too!)

She's been trying to sound out words a lot in recent weeks and asking me how to spell words and telling me what letter words start with when she hears them, so I've known that she's ready to learn to read. Luke did the exact same thing the summer before he started kindergarten. I couldn't believe how fast she did it. And she wasn't just memorizing what she just heard. When Lance got home 2 hours later, I pulled up the website so she could show him and without hearing using the site to help her hear the phonics, she read 2 sentences by sounding out the words! Way to go Sara!!

Hope had fun working on the alphabet in the games in her age range. She is getting better at controlling the mouse and got so excited when she was told that she got an answer right. She would yell in glee at the top of her lungs!

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