Sunday, May 30, 2010

What an Awesome God We Serve!

We set up medical clinic today at the same school as yesterday. There were several people that we weren't able to see yesterday because we had to close down. So we saw them and several more others. We were able to treat around 150 people today.

We got smart (or should I say Paul got smart) and instead of trying to share Christ one on one with the Haitians as they left the clinic, he would share with a group of people after we triaged them while they were waiting to see a doctor. That way we didn't miss the opportunity to talk to anyone. And we had 20 professions of faith today.

It's natural to wonder if all of those professions were genuine, but let me tell you that 2 for sure were. There was one teenage girl who prayed to accept Christ. Paul was using a bracelet that has symbols explaining the plane of salvation and after she prayed, she asked him to go over the symbols again because she wanted to make sure that she remembered it correctly so she could go share it with her friends. That is life change.

And there was an older gentleman who came in to be seen. When I was questioning him about his complaints, he was pleasant, but no smile on his face. After Paul shared the gospel he prayed to accept Christ. After he saw the doctor and then went to the pharmacy, he made his way to me with a huge smile on his face and gave me a hug and said, "Merci!" many times. That is life change.

We can only rest in the Lord that He is in control and through His Spirit will continue to change these people's lives. We are referring them to local churches, but God has repeatedly shown me that he doesn't need our help. He just allows us to be participants in His plan.

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