Thursday, May 6, 2010

Can she be any cuter??

OK, so I know everyone thinks that their kids are the cutest in the world, but I'm sorry to let the world know that mine are! haha! Tonight, Emma was fussy after I put her to bed. That's not normal. She usually just falls into her bed and that's the last we hear from her. The only time she fusses is when she's getting an ear infection. (Lance did check her tonight and they looked fine, so who knows!) I went to her room a couple of times and calmed her down. Around 9:00, Lance got home from a meeting and she started crying again. He went to get her so we could check her ears and give her some ibuprofen.
She was absolutely fine!! The little stinker! She sat by her Daddy on the couch and when I'd look at her, she would grin this mischievous grin right at me. It was hysterical! We let her stay up for about 20 min and then Lance put her back to bed. She cried for about 45 seconds and we didn't hear anything else from her. What a mess!

"Haha, look at me Momma! I'm fine, just wanted some Daddy time!" LOL!

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