Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Lord's Timing is Perfect

Well, it's official. Lance and I are going back to/to Haiti! It has been so neat to see God lead us in this whole thing. When Lance went in February, I knew that I would have gone with his except for the unknown of what he was heading into and our kids. But we both knew that he would be going back and that I would go with him.

After he returned, we talked about the timing of us both going. We felt that it would be in late spring sometime. I've been kinda pushing Lance the past couple of months a few times about pinning down a time for us to go. We haven't been able to see the right time. I finally just quit asking and trusted that God would lead us.

A few days ago, our friend John, who is the Executive Pastor at our church and went with Lance on the last trip, called me and said that he needed Lance and I to go to Haiti at the end of the month. I knew right then in my heart that we were going. This was God's timing. After discussing it, Lance and I agreed that the Lord was leading us on this trip.

I'm so excited. And we can already see His hand working again like it did last time. We "met" some friends of a friend that serve in Haiti several times a year before Lance went on the first trip. Well, they are going to be in Haiti the same dates as us. I called her today and we laughed about the fact the first time we are going to physically meet will be in Haiti. They have some great contacts for us and places to serve.

I can't wait to see what all the Lord has in store!

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