Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Almost Here

Lance leaves in 34 hours. Wow. In some ways this has been the longest week of my life. In other ways, it has flown. We spent a lot of time this afternoon packing last minute supplies, cashing checks (they have to take a lot of cash with them to buy more supplies in Santa Domingo and pay for the van they are renting to drive across the border into Haiti), buying last minute personal items and dropping off the tents they all will be sleeping in at our friend John's house. He is the pastor from our church that is going.

The girls and I were with Lance this afternoon for some of the last minute packing. We went to the church and when we got into the conference room where the supplies are, Hope asked, "Is this Haiti?" Bless her heart. How do you explain?

After Lance got home, we all went out to eat. The kids behaved so awesome (trying to eat with 4 kids, seven and under has it's moments!) It was a great family time. They are all asking so many questions about Haiti. We are trying to answer them honestly, but age appropriately. That is hard. This whole experience has affected our entire family. I told someone today, my heart is in Haiti and Lance hasn't even left yet.

We are hearing more and more out of Haiti. I am connecting everyday with different people and learning about things "on the ground" there. It is horrific. Absolutely heartbreaking.

If you are reading this (and I am amazed at the fact that anyone but my friends and family are!)
then here are some specific prayer requests to pray for...

1) The place where Lance and the team will be has had no medical assistance whatsoever.

2) There are orphanages who have not had any assistance since the earthquake. At one of these, the only survivors were children.

3) There is a Atlanta minister on the ground and has witnessed child trafficking out of a hospital!! He has brought it to the media's attention and is fighting to stop it. PRAY!!! My mind had not even conceived the evil that happens after something like this!

4) Finally, on a more personal note. I covet your prayers for my husband, me and my children. I told Lance at dinner tonight that the reality is setting in that he is leaving and we will be here. We have never been apart for as many days as he will be gone. And we have never not experienced something this big together. I told him tonight that I expect him to journal something every night. No matter how short. I want to "live" this with him.


  1. Hi,
    I knew Lance from OBU and have begun reading your blog! Please know that I am praying for you all.

  2. Praying for your family! Enjoying reading your blog!

    Doug and Amy Comtpon

  3. Hi Jennifer,

    I came over a while back from Kelly's blog and have enjoyed reading about your family. Your family is in my prayers.