Friday, January 8, 2010

Back on the Blog Bandwaggon!

OK, so I have gotten bad about not blogging every day or at least every couple of days and I have figured out why, and I'm am changing my ways. One of my friends blogged the past day or two that the same thing has happened to her. I don't think I can blog without having some cute pictures to go along with the blog. I have been missing writing about some cute things the kids have said or fun things we've done because I either didn't have a picture, or I was too tired to get up and find my adapter to upload the pictures.

But that all changes tonight. I started this blog to remember what the kids are saying and how our family is changing and having fun. So that's what I'm doing! If I have a picture, then Great! If not, then, oh well!

So the thing I have to write about tonight is absolutely hysterical!!! We've been couped up in the house all week because of the cold and snow. Lance got home early, so we went and picked out fabric for the new couch we've ordered and then we met Mom and Dad for dinner at a Chinese food restaurant that we love to go to!

Lance was sitting by Emma and playing with her by taking off her hat and handing it back to her. While he was doing that an older gentleman walked past and started talking to Emma. He smiled and looked at her and said, "Does grandpa have your hat?" Totally talking about Lance! Hahahahahahaha!!!!! It was all I could do to keep from bursting out laughing right in front of the man! It was hysterical!!!! Poor Lance. Time for some Just For Men!! Ha!