Friday, January 1, 2010

Love, but Don't Miss My Kids!!!

So, on Wednesday night, the girls spent the night with Leah and Jeremy. Tonight is Luke's turn with Uncle Jeremy and Aunt Leah. When they came to pick him up, Hope had a rough time. Bless her heart! She wailed! It was hard for her to understand that she couldn't go, too. She was still crying 10 minutes after they left, so I asked her if she wanted to call Poppa and Mom. We called them and she was telling Poppa how sad she was and why and then she asked if she could have a sleepover at his house. He put Mom on the phone and she asked her and Mom said yes. Hope got so excited and yelled, "Sara, get your bag!!!" It was hysterical!

I'm so glad Mom and Dad live so close just for spontaneous moments like that!

Dad called me a little bit ago to tell me something else funny Hope said. Evidently she called Poppa stupid tonight. She did that to me this afternoon and she got a spanking for it and I hugged her and told her we don't talk like that. She kept telling me she was sorry. Poppa got on to her also tonight when she did it to him. They were saying prayers when they were going to bed and she told God she was sorry for saying "stupid, and pee, and potty water, and poop." I about died laughing! She asked for forgiveness for all the bad words she knows!

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