Monday, January 11, 2010


Tonight was a Cub Scout outing to earn their bowling belt loops. Families were invited, so we left Emma with my Mom and Dad and Hope, Sara, and I went along. It was so much fun! Lance and I bowled with some of the other parents and took turns helping the kids in the lanes beside us. The girls and Luke all scored 74! It was hysterical! What are the odds of that?! Lance and I were talking on the way home and decided that when Emma is older, bowling would be a great family activity to do on a regular basis!

Look at that form!


Talk about form! Ha!

Luke had great form until he let go of the ball a little late and it went up and then down on his head! From then on he had kinda a side arm throw!
When we picked Emma up from Mom and Dad's on the way home, I walked in and she was sitting on the couch beside Mom. She didn't see me walk in so I started whistling trying to get her attention. She didn't turn. She kept looking at the tv. Then I started calling her name, but she kept talking at the tv, thinking that was what was calling her name! So cute! Finally, I stepped more into the room and called her name one last time and she turned and saw me and her face lit up like fireworks! I don't often get that reaction from her. Her Daddy, on the other hand, does. It felt good!
Oh, and one more thing before I forget! Hope has been tired all day. Even her teachers at MDO commented to me that she seemed tired. So when we got home, I told her she had to take a nap. There is nothing like a 3 1/2 year old fit! She would not stop crying. I finally quit trying to convince her that she was, indeed, tired. I just told her she had to take a nap whether she was tired or not. That's when, between wails, she cried out, "Momma, I not happy at you!!" Too cute even in the midst of the struggle!

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