Saturday, January 23, 2010

Pure Innocent Sweetness

Today was a hard day for me. I think the adrenaline is starting to lessen and I'm crashing emotionally a little. It has been an adrenaline filled week cram packed with a lot of emotions that I haven't had time to process because of the pace that we have been keeping. As I write this, Lance is packing his personal carry on bag and we're washing his clothes. I just cut yards of ribbon for him to take to tie in any little girl's hair that he comes in contact with. (Before you think awww how sweet of you, it wasn't my idea. Someone we've been talking to who was there when the earthquake happened suggested it. Great idea isn't it?)

Lance spent all day organizing supplies and packing trunks and suitcases. It is AMAZING how much people have given! And his hometown has raised $6000!!! In just 3 days! This is a town of 2500 people. I am overwhelmed. Seriously overwhelmed. God is good.

Tonight, when Lance got home, he was showing me the backpack and other personal supplies he bought for the trip. The kids were playing around us. Hope and Emma were climbing all over us. They were enthralled with an USA flag/bandanna that he bought to take. Hope was folding it and then looked up at Lance and this is what came out of her precious little mouth..."Daddy, when I get to be a teenager, can I go to Haiti and help God and you?"

There is no more to say. How can I top that? Precious child of mine.


  1. Hi I found your blog thru Kellys Korner. Thank you for your hearts to serve and what your little girl said is just precious.

  2. No matter what the outcome I know in my heart that you and your family will never regret saying yes to God. God's word tells us over and over that those that call upon the name of the Lord shall not fear. There are hurting people who have much to fear because they have no hope. The hope in Christ that these doctors and pastors will bring with them will not just sustain them for a season but for all eternity. I know the days ahead will be difficult and maybe even seem unbearable but the God of hope says that we can set aside fear and trust in Him. I pray that you will rest in God's peace as these going become the hands, feet and face of Jesus.

    Father we pray for safety, courage, energy, strength, protection, provision, opportunities for them to share your love and the Hope they have in Christ and for your mercy on those left behind that need healing both physically and spiritually. God we ask that you move the very earth that has crumbled beneath them so that a new foundation can be laid. That this generation and the ones to come will proclaim victory in the name of Jesus. God may this tragedy not end in vain but bring forth new believers covered in your saving blood and may your kingdom be advanced and glorified. Amen

  3. Jennifer~
    Sarah was sharing with us at lunch today about Lance's trip. I am sure you are scared to death, but just remember that God is in control! Catie Beth really wants Lance to bring her back a couple of babies. I would love one too! So if he has an extra hand... :-)
    I'll be praying for you.
    Amy Simpson