Wednesday, January 27, 2010

T - 9 hours!

Lance leaves in the morning. Wow. All the anticipation of the past week and here we are. As I type this, he is reading through the instructions of his water purifier. I can't imagine being somewhere where there is no clean water. I mean I've been to countries where you couldn't drink the tap water, but there was always bottled water. Not only is there no bottled water in Haiti, there is no running water.

We had a low key night at the house tonight. Really didn't do anything special with the kids. I kind of had it built up in my mind that it would be this awesome night of the kids telling their Daddy how much they love him and us praying for him and the people of Haiti, and playing games together. Well, you know the saying, "the best laid plans of mice and men?" I know all too well what that means! Lance had to get onto Luke tonight, the girls were clamouring all over Lance and yelling in his ears and he had to get onto them. Dinner was chaos and we just got them in the shower and threw them in the bed! Ha! So much for my awesome family time.

But I thought later, that is was probably for the best. God had a plan in tonight. It was just another usual night in the Faddis house. Nothing special. And if we had made a big deal of Daddy leaving, then it might have made the kids nervous.

Sara asked to pray at dinner. It was so sweet. She thanked God for the food, and asked him to keep her Daddy safe and the people in Haiti safe.

So now, Lance is all packed. Bags waiting in the living room, and we are about to get into bed. This is going to be hard. Neither one of us sleep well when the other one isn't in bed. I know he will fall onto his sleeping mat exhausted every night, but I won't. I'll be here missing him.

But, I am so excited for what he is going to do. We talked with another person tonight who just got back from Haiti on Sat. She gave him several names of locals that she knows that might be of great assistance to the team. That is exciting!

Now to try to go to sleep!


  1. Praying for safety for Lance & comfort for you & the kids while he is gone.

  2. I cannot help but cry as I read all your words. You are one strong woman. I am proud of you and Lance as you journey this together and apart. He might be in a rough place doing what he can, but but isn't that the life of a mother everyday. Some times we live in that rough place and all we can do is do what we can to survive. You are on a journey too, Jennifer. It's just a little different.

  3. So excited that God has called Lance for this moment and you too! It's not easy being at home carrying on with "normal" life. Praying for you and for Lance!!

  4. I love reading your posts. I had to order my typhoid vaccine today. I forgot that my last one was over 5 yrs ago. I am waiting for the chance to go later this year with your church. I have been exercising like crazy so I will be physically strong to endure the trip