Friday, January 29, 2010

Holy Cow the Snow!

This is the view out our front door! I took it this afternoon and it hasn't stopped snowing since I took it. I think we've gotten around 6 inches. It has snowed all day. I'm going to try and get out with the kids tomorrow. My only disappointment is that Lance can't be here to see it and make a snowman with the kids.

John twittered several times today and posted some pics of their progress through the day. A huge praise that it only took them 7 hours to get from Santo Domingo to Port Au Prince. Much less than the up to 15 that we had heard it could take. I was able to talk to Lance a couple times today. Once when they were at the Haiti border and then again tonight when the were back at their camp.

They are camped out at the end of the Port Au Prince airport runway. He said that there are C130's flying over them constantly, and that they are LOUD! Bless their hearts. I don't know how they are going to sleep.

He already sounded so tired. They toured PAP today. They were driven through downtown and saw so much of the devastation. And they saw what's left of the presidential palace. The one thing that really struck him were the children. He said he saw so many cute children running through the streets and around the country side playing. He wishes he had more goodies to give them. They took ribbons, stuff animals, and candy, but he knows they don't have enough. That's going to be hard for him.

They treated a few people today, but he said it isn't what he was expecting. Some broken bones, but nothing as traumatic as he thought he would see. But who knows what tomorrow will bring. They are going to plan on setting up 2 clinics. One at the church they had originally planned on and one at an orphanage hopefully.

I can't imagine how hard tomorrow is going to be for them. I just got off the phone with John's wife Leslie and she said John told her the smell was awful. That is horrible. There is death everywhere. But despite that, there is hope. The children playing show hope! And tomorrow, Lance and the team will get to share the Hope of Jesus to the hurting people of Haiti by taking care of their physical needs.


  1. God just isn't leaving my heart alone about all this! I just can't quit thinking about the team, their families, all the injured lost people of Haiti, and all the sweet babies without families that they are tending to! I looked at my own sweet boys this morning eating breakfast and it broke my heart thinking that there are children, some much younger than mine, wandering around such devastation without their mommas and daddies! It's breaking my heart! I've been praying each and every time He places it on my heart and mind, which is OFTEN!!!
    Lord give peace, rest, comfort, and strength that only you can give to this team! Do a mighty mighty work so that others will see and Your name will be praised!